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DealBuilder’s Land Development and Home Building Analysis Software will help you make better decisions faster. 

DealBuilder has provided the real estate community with first-class financial analysis software for land development and home building for over 15 years.  Whether you’re a developer needing to perform land development feasibility studies, or a home builder requiring builder proformas or tract builder analysis, DealBuilder’s comprehensive software will provide you with the answers you need to make critical business decisions quickly and intelligently.

Why use DealBuilder’s Financial Analysis Software and why is it the best solution for you?

If you make your living by evaluating land, performing development project analysis, residential development feasibility, or tract builder analysis and “what ifs” are the norm, then DealBuilder is an everyday necessity.  With other companies’ financial analysis software, you may need to buy their home building analysis software and land development software separately.

DealBuilder’s comprehensive feasibility software does it all from land development analysis or home building analysis to builder proformas all in one fully integrated software package that is user friendly.  DealBuilder allows you total control by giving you the freedom to define all cost categories, descriptions and cost methods. 

If you need to perform cash flow analysis, compile builder proformas, or present land developer feasibility studies to secure FAST approvals from your Partners, Management, Financial Institutions, or Investors, then DealBuilder is a must have tool.  In just a few hours, you can have your Deal ready for presentation to your Bank or Investment Company.  In a few seconds, you can see the impact of changes in prices, sales rates, loan terms or costs.  DealBuilder automatically updates all interrelated issues such as profitability, equity requirements and distributions, loan draw calculations, and several IRR and NPV calculations.  . 

With 15 years of providing land and home building proforma software and real estate analysis support to hundreds of builder and lender clients, DealBuilder’s "Builder Finance Division" (BFD) provides you with the greatest opportunity to fund your projects quickly under the best possible terms.  Through our BFD we’ll provide access to lenders and Equity for our Builder and Developer Clients, marketing support for our Lender and Equity / Investor Clients, and full Service Mortgage Brokerage and equity Placement services.

All three levels of DealBuilder Planner Software come complete with features capable of:  land developer feasibility studies, tract builder analysis, home building proforma, and more.  The difference between each level is the number of loans available within the software. 

DealBuilder’s Land and Builder Analysis Software Features:

Fast & Easy- With DealBuilder’s land developer feasibility software, in less than 30 minutes, you can have a preliminary land development analysis or home building analysis of an entire Deal... sales, costs, profits, loans, equity and IRR’s. Within an hour or two you can have your deal’s proforma ready for presentation to your Bank or Investment Company

Complete- DealBuilder’s builder analysis software is like hiring the world’s best project planners, CFOs, financial planners and financial analysts

Sophisticated- DealBuilder’s Smart Logic technology automatically retains income to cover future equity requirements in order to reduce actual equity needed.

Flexible- DealBuilder’s home and land analysis software is structured with the Master Input System which allows you to control your deal from almost every viewpoint ... land, phase and direct cost estimating, sales rates, product types, loan and equity requirements, inter-loan allocation and sales payoffs, and more.

Advanced- DealBuilder lets you analyze from quick “back of the napkin” ideas to detailed loan and investor packages. You are in total control because you define all cost categories, descriptions and cost methods.

Debt & Equity Analysis- Debt requirements can be analyzed in depth by phase and by loan. You can specify loan-to-cost (LTC) ratios or respond to loan-to-value (LTV) arrangements. You define interest rates, loan fees, loan draw ratios and release requirements for each loan.

 DealBuilder gives you the flexibility and sophistication of 46 automatic cost estimating methods.

Proformas- You can compare dozens of “what if” scenarios using variations in the number and type of units, sales rates, seasonal adjustments, construction start dates, costs, loan and equity combinations

Some Testimonials from users of DealBuilder’s Land Development Software:

“With the ability to model both flexible development scenarios and complex financial structures, DealBuilder is the most complete underwriting tool available.”
-David Van, Tricon Capital Group, Inc.

“DealBuilder has been a fantastic tool in allowing us to evaluate how to best capitalize our resources. With the complexity of the deal structure today, our typical spreadsheet methodology was becoming too difficult.  DealBuilder allowed us to judge how best to structure the deals and to perform sensitivity analysis quickly.  Most important, our investors, partners and financial institutions have become addicted to the reports."
-Ken Holbrooks, Simonini Builders

“DealBuilder gives us a uniform platform for our Divisions to evaluate and present proposal projects. The programs' features and controls help eliminate math or logical errors, resulting in a solid presentation."
-Mark Kawanami, John Laing Homes

“DealBuilder is an excellent tool for planning your project prior to purchase, negotiating a sale to a Builder or obtaining financing. DealBuilder helps you make better decisions and increase profits.”
-Ted Garrett, The Garrett Group, New Mexico

“We appreciate your responsiveness in support of your product.”
-Thomas Knoell, Knoell Homes, Arizona

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