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1. Always ignore what you do not understand because it can not be important.

2. Don’t bother with detailed budgets as there is always time to figure it out during foreclosure.

3. Don’t worry about planning because there is always time to fix it in the field.

4. Don’t worry about cost overruns as you can always increase your loan and raise your selling prices.

5. Don’t worry about your competition, as they never know as much as you do.

6. Always hire the low bidder so you have more money to fix their mistakes later.

7. Don’t worry about accurate cash flow projections as you can always re-structure your Equity & Loans after Funding.

8. Never hire the best consultants during the planning stages, as they only want to warn you about your problems before they occur.

9. Always pour your foundation before you cost out the project to get a jump on your competition.

10. If you are losing money on each house you build, then just build more houses to make up for it.

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