“DealBuilder is an excellent tool for planning your project prior to purchase, negotiating a sale to a Builder or obtaining financing. DealBuilder helps you make better decisions and increase profits.”
-Ted Garrett, The Garrett Group, New Mexico


Builder Finance Division


Real estate financing for all property types:

-- Equity, debt, joint venture, land loans

-- A&D and construction loans

-- Commercial and residential subdivisions

-- Mezzanine, bridge and permanent loans

With 15 years of providing software and analysis support to hundreds of builder and lender clients, DealBuilder’s "Builder finance division" (BFD) provides our clients with the greatest opportunity to fund their projects
quickly under the best possible terms.

DealBuilder's BFD will provide:

  • Access to lenders and Equity for our Builder and Developer Clients
  • Marketing support for our Lender and Equity / Investor Clients
  • Full Service Mortgage Brokerage and equity Placement services

As a DealBuilder client, we will analyze your project to help optimize the financial structure of your deal.

We will also help place the project with the best possible lender and / or investor in a format that will expedite the approval process.
DealBuilder’s team has over 30 years experience with Borrower / Lender / Investor interactions, and therefore provide you with the following benefits:

  • Detailed reports to meet a lender's specific criteria
  • Professionally outlined presentation of your funding requirements
  • Placements with alternative funding sources, including Mezzanine, Equity, and JV placement
  • Special access to National lenders through DealBuilder relationships

We are confident that by combining DealBuilder's robust analysis and reporting capabilities with our long-term relationships in the Debt and Equity industry, your project has the highest chance of being funded quickly with optimum terms.

Our goal is your goal - expedited funding at the lowest possible financing costs and the highest possible yields.

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