Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

Where will I get my construction loan, A&D loan, or Equity?

How do I structure my financing to make the most money with the greatest return and still satisfy lender funding requirements?

How do I structure my financing for different types of investors and lenders?

How do I get my project considered before others?

How should I phase my project to maximize profits and generate the best return?

How do I obtain 100% financing?

How should I structure participating debt and is that the best structure for me project?

Where can I get a land loan and do I need entitlements before funding?

How should I structure a JV and what will that equity cost?

What does my participating debt lender expect as an IRR?

Can I use Mezzanine debt in place of equity or to increase my LTV/LTC?

Can I replace the need for partners with high loan to cost straight debt?

Can I get the equity or debt I need in spite of my credit challenges?

Can I finance my project with my net worth and liquidity?

Can I replace equity with Mezzanine financing?

Can I borrow before I have entitlements?

Can I get Non-Recourse financing?

Who will lend on raw land, for how long and what will it cost?

Who will invest with me before I have entitlements?

Where can I get bridge loans and permanent financing for my project?


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