“DealBuilder gives us a uniform platform for our Divisions to evaluate and present proposal projects. The programs' features and controls help eliminate math or logical errors, resulting in a solid presentation."
-Mark Kawanami, John Laing Homes


DealBuilder Reports

Sample 19 - One Loan, Minimum Input, Seasonal Sales and Starts, with Ramp up Sales in Phase 1, Using Napkin Input System for Most Inputs.
Sell 54 Units an Plan 4 Types but only 2 Models. No Investor. Unit Sales are Seasonally adjusted. One Loan, minimum input to run analysis. Build lots in Single Phase, Start construction based on monthly sales rate. Start Unit construction the month after the unit sale is made based on the actual unit sales in each period.


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Consolidated Cost Report

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Builder & Investor Summary

Timeline Detail & Summary

Consolidated Loans

Loan 1


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