“DealBuilder gives us tremendous flexibility and a far wider range of assumptions than we ever had before. Formats and graphics provide a professional and comprehensive presentation.”
-DeVere Anderson, DeVere Anderson Enterprises

Who Needs DealBuilder?

If you make your living by evaluating Land and Residential developments, and what ifs are the norm, then DealBuilder is an everyday necessity.

If you need FAST approvals from your Partners, Management, Financial Institutions, or Investors, then DealBuilder is the must have tool.

If you need a Software Program that does all of the following simultaneously:

  1. Automatically calculate Investor Equity Requirements, Investor IRR, Layered IRRs, Preferred Returns, Profits Paid
  2. Analyze Cash Flow by Period, by Loan and Consolidated for Project. Determine Land Price to Meet Target IRR
  3. Calculate Loan Budgets, Draws, Repayments, and Fees based on Lender Terms
  4. Analyze Project Profit by Phase, by Loans and by Unit Type to determine best mix
  5. Use Construction and Sales Timelines to automatically update all related activities
  6. Perform Proforma Cost Estimating by Phase, by Plan Type and by Loan