“DealBuilder gives us tremendous flexibility and a far wider range of assumptions than we ever had before. Formats and graphics provide a professional and comprehensive presentation.”
-DeVere Anderson, DeVere Anderson Enterprises

Who Uses DealBuilder?

DealBuilder has users throughout the United States and Canada.
Users include Equity Funds, Home Builders, as well as Land & Master Plan Developers.

Master Plan Developers use DealBuilder to:

  • Analyze Land, Home and Mixed Use Projects
  • Determine Optimum Debt and Equity blend
  • Evaluate A&D requirements over time
  • Analyze Layered IRR requirements on Equity

Medium & Small Developers use DealBuilder to:

  • Provide sophistication & presentation capabilities previously reserved only for large companies
  • Reduce dependency on, and cost of, consultants

Funds & Investors use DealBuilder to:

  • Analyze Loan Requests and REO Project Values
  • Standardize Project Evaluation procedures
  • Determine the NPV & IRR's of Projects Before Funding

They all use DealBuilder because they:

  • Want a system that can be widely used
  • Want a system that has Email capabilities
  • No longer want the cost of maintaining an internal spreadsheet
  • Want on-line error trapping and help
  • Want a system that stays up-to-date with industry standards
  • Want a completely documented system